Postmaster Fence

Postmaster Steel Post Supply & Manufacturing

Canadian Fence Supply proudly offers PostMaster, a revolutionary family of steel posts that serve as a superior alternative to traditional wood posts and round metal posts. With PostMaster, you never have to compromise on the appearance of your fence.

The engineered design of PostMaster allows it to be easily covered, ensuring a true “good neighbor” fence. These posts are built to last, providing structural integrity that can withstand high winds (70+mph), heavy rain, snow, and extreme hot and cold temperatures without sacrificing performance. Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, no other wood or steel fence posts compare to the durability of PostMaster.

PostMaster can be installed with any style of fence, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your property while benefiting from the strength and longevity of steel. Choose Canadian Fence Supply and experience the superior quality and performance of PostMaster steel posts for your next fencing project.